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Green Canvas Productions is a creative video production company based in the Bronx. It is our mission to produce vibrant and original stories for our clients.


We’re composed of a diverse team of experts who are passionate about telling bold narratives visually.


We all have an affinity for producing high quality short-form content that ignites change through inspiration, education, creativity, and concrete calls to action.

We strive to highlight stories that are not being shown, because those are the most unique and in need of reaching audiences eyes and ears.


We believe everyone should have the opportunity to share their voice in a visual manner.


Photo by Paper Monday

Gregory Hernandez is a Bronx filmmaker and video producer. He enjoys the collaborative process of making films and videos. He believes filmmaking to be one of the most inclusive art forms imaginable.


In 2016, he completed a feature length comedy and sci-fi web series, called “Leaky Thoughts” that was filmed over the course of two years in over 70 locations throughout all five boroughs of New York City.


Since 2017, he has been producing and directing a feature length documentary called “1.5 Million” which centers around the literacy crisis in the Bronx. This film is currently in post-production


He produced an interview series, called “Bronx Vignettes” which highlights activists and creatives in the Bronx.


In  2019, he co-founded "Bronx Film 48" a filmmaking initiative with the goal of increasing the amount of filmmakers in the Bronx.